Multimedia journalist, photographer and videographer focused on Middle East, Migration, Human rights, Disability and Mental Health.

Works featured by The Guardian, Der Spiegel, El Paìs, Al Monitor, De Morgen, Trouw, Internazionale, RAI, News Deeply, RSI, Open Migration, Elle, Il Venerdì di Repubblica, among others

Currently based in Rome and co-founder of Inclusive Media


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My latest stories

       ITALY- TRT WORLD (April 2020) Article&Video

       ITALY - FREITAG (March 2020) Article

       LEBANON - RSI (January 2020) Video

       GAZA - CHOISIR (January 2020) Photos

       LEBANON - RSI (October 2019) Video

       LEBANON - EL PAIS (September 2019) Text+Photo gallery

       LEBANON - RSI (October 2019) Video

       LEBANON - AL MONITOR (October 2019) Text

       LEBANON - OPEN MIGRATION (October 2019) Text+​Photos

       ITALY - OPEN MIGRATION (July 2019) Text

       GAZA - DE MORGEN (July 2019) Photos

       JORDAN  - RSI (August 2019) Video&Photos

       JORDAN - AL MONITOR (June 2019) Text

       GAZA - TROUW (June 2019) Photos

       MIT-OST - TANDEM SHMAL (July 2019) Text

       JORDAN - VITA MAGAZINE (June 2019) Text&Photos

       JORDAN - OPEN MIGRATION (June 2019) Text

       JORDAN - RSI (May 2019) Video

       LEBANON - AL MONITOR (May 2019) Text

       ITALY - FLUTER.DE (April 2019) Text&Photos

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