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IVF in Gaza


IVF in Gaza


With 2 million people squeezed within a tiny Strip of land, Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas on earth. Moreover, its population is amongst the youngest and has one of the highest fertility rates worldwide.

Yet, the In Vitro Fertilization has been booming since at least a decade.

This work will unfold the political, medical and cultural reasons behind such a new and atypical trend, through the eyes and voice of many IVF beneficiaries from the different social and economical status.

Featured on Il Venerdì di Repubblica, Trouw, De Morgen, Yo Dona, Elle

She Fighters


A photography project about a group of Jordanian women who challenge stereotypes trough self-defence

“This is a training for the body, as much as it is a training for our mind”.

Enas is 28. She has three kids and she is from a small town in Northern Jordan, close to the border with Syria and Israel. Today, Enas is a “She fighter”: Last December the first ever self-defence training for women in Kufr al-Asad, started. And she immediately decided to join.

According to a recent survey, 45% of Jordanian women suffered some kind of abuse or violence in their childhood. 55% of them, witness some form of Gender-based violence as a child. 93% of them think it is women’s duty to obey to their men.  Yet, things are changing and a bunch of women refuses to fall into these forced gender roles: they want to study, they refuse to have more than two or three children, they want to choose their husband. And they want to do sport.

View the complete project as a PDF

Featured on Witness Journal

Uncomfortable Siblings


A long-term photography project about former asylum patients in Italy (2016-2018)

“It is 50 years and two months I am inside”.

In 1978 Italy was among the first countries in the world to close asylum for mentally ill by law. But Sandro still counts the years of his confinement since he first entered Santa Maria della Pietà.

In the 60s, Rome asylum hosted around 3,000 patients. Among them there was Pina, who entered the asylum when she was 5.

Rossana was interned in 1958: she was 22 and had a one-year old child. They are survivors of an era that ended 40 years ago, but still carry the consequences. None of them ever got back home. Since 2013, they live in the same old age home, not far from the asylum.

Trough archives research of documents and pictures from the past, this project tries to combine as in a mosaic, private memories of a collective history.

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One and Three

A long-term photography and multimedia project about a family and autism (2015-2016).

Giuseppe is a 13 years old boy. He was diagnosed with a severe form of autism when he was two.  He lives with his mother and his eldest sister in the outskirt of Rome. I met them in the beginning of 2015. With this project I tried to capture and intimate portrait of a family. 

Featured on Witness Journal

Featured as a multimedia reportage on Il Corriere della Sera (ITALIAN)

Multimedia project (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)


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